Still Standing Domestic Program

Still Standing: Domestic Violence Intervention Program

Still Standing is a Christ-centered Domestic Violence Intervention Program interceding in the lives of men, women and children impacted by domestic violence and abuse. We create an environment where men, women and children receive hope, healing and empowerment. We fortify the family through education, prevention, restoration and forgiveness while strengthening the community.


Still Standing has a 24-hour helpline that is available to help one connect with other community resources or for times of crisis or support. We offer listening sessions for survivors to come together and share their journey and meet other women that are or have been in similar situations. Still Standing has an after shelter care program that works with women who are coming out of shelter living and beginning to stand on their own. Still Standing also offers a program for men who use abusive or controlling tactics in their lives. The RedeeMEd program works to ensure the safety of women and children, and to guide men into relearning, replacing and rebuilding their lives in a nonabusive and accountable way. Working from all aspects of the spectrum, Still Standing is confident that we can create a lasting and much needed change within our society, and set the staple for the next generations and families to come. We are Still Standing against Domestic Violence, and we are asking you to stand with us!